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College of Nursing

College of Nursing is one of the academic organizations among University of Sulaimany. It was established in 2000 and started registration for the first-round students by 2001. Since then the college has started with preparing and graduating Nursing Students to provide patient care in different health care settings in the Kurdistan region particularly Sulaimani City, including hospitals and primary health care centers. Students in the college have acquired a range of theoretical information about modern nursing science. Moreover, Practical lessons are tough in clinical settings. This is in addition to college laboratory teaching methods. After graduation, the nursing students will be qualified in nursing theory and practice, they will also graduate with Bachelors's degree in Nursing Science BSc in (Nursing). The college currently has got 34 academic staff including professors, assistant professors, lecturers and assistant lecturers. The administration site is running by Assistant Professor. Dr. Zhyan Salah Ramzi and 57 employees.

There are six major branches in the college:

1.    Fundamentals of Nursing

2.    Adult Care Nursing

3.    Pediatric  Care Nursing

4.    Maternity and Neonate Nursing

5.    Community Health Nursing

6.    Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

The continued development of nursing as a profession is an extremely demanding skill. This program offers qualified nurses the opportunity to acquire greater understanding, knowledge and skills to deliver, develop and critically analyze healthcare practice in the region. The program can be taken by experienced and newly qualified registered nurses in all branches.


College of Nursing at the University of Sulaimani aspires to become one of the leading nursing education programs locally and regionally. Through its innovative evidence-based practice, rich curriculum, student-centered learning environment, and research that reflect a commitment to excellence, the College of Nursing aims to set the standard for superior nursing education in the Kurdish region.


The mission of the 
College of Nursing at the University of Sulaimani is to prepare highly qualified nurses who can address the comprehensive health needs of individuals, families, and the community. Its challenging curriculum emphasizes mastery of cutting-edge medical knowledge with emphasis on humane patient-care practices. The stimulating learning environment of the College
 of Nursing develops critical thinking and emphasizes the highest ethical and moral standards of care. These goals combine to develop individuals into highly qualified and well-respected members of the nursing profession.

For more information please contact:
             زانياري لةسةر كؤليجي ثةرستاري

ثيَناسةي كؤليجي

كؤليجي ثةرستاري ناوةنديَكي ئةكاديمي و زانستي زانكؤي سليَمانية،  سةر بة فاكةلَتي زانستة ثزيشكيةكانة، لة سالَي 2000 دا دامةزراوة.  ئةم كؤليجة سالآنة كؤمةلَيَك خويَندكار ئامادة دةكات،  وةك ثةرستاريَكي ئةكاديمي و زانستي بؤ ناو دةزطا تةندروستييةكاني هةريَمي كوردستان وةك (نةخؤشخانة و مةلَبةندة تةندروستييةكان).

خويَندكاران لةم كؤليَذةدا بةشيَوةي تيؤري و ثراكتيكي زانياري لةبواري زانستي ثةرستاري مؤديَرن وةردةطريَن، هةروةها بةشيَكي ديكةي زانستي ثراكتيكيان لة كلينك و ناوةندة ثزيشكييةكانة كة تيَدا بةشيَوةي ثراكتيكي وانة دةخويَنن، سةرةراي ئةو وانانةي كة لة تاقيطةكاني كؤليجي ناوبراودا دةوتريَتةوة.

خويَندكاراني كؤليجي ثةرستار، لةثاش تةواوكردني ضوارسالَي خويَندني زانستيان وةك ثةرستاريَكي ئةكاديمي شارةزا لةسةرجةم ناوةندةكاني تةندروستيدا دةتوانن كار بكةن.

ئةم كؤليجة لةسةرةتاي دامةزراندييةوة تاوةكو ئيَستا 14 ضواردة خولي خويَندكاراني دةرضووي هةبووة. شويَني ئةم كؤليجةش دةكةويَتة كةمثي كؤني زانكؤي سليَماني لةناوشار.

توانا مرؤييةكاني ئةم كؤليجة ثيَك ديَت لة:

ذمارةي مامؤستاياني سةر بة كؤليج  (34) سي و ضوار مامؤستاية كة ثيَك هاتوون لة (ثرؤفيسؤ و ياريدةدةري ثرؤفيسؤر و مامؤستاي ياريدةدةر)، ذمارةي فةرمانبةراني ( 57) ثةنجاو حةوت كةسة، بؤ ئةمسالَي خويَندن (417) خويَندكاري هةية، كة دابةشبوون بةسةر شةش لقي جياوازدا.

كؤليجي ثةرستاري لة شةش لقي زانستي ثيَكهاتووة كة بريتين لة:

1-   بنةماكاني ثةرستاري

2-   ثةرستاري ثيَطةيشتووان

3-   ثةرستاري ذنان و مندالَبوون

4-   ثةرستاري مندالاَن

5-  تةندروستي كؤمةلَ

6-  ثةرستاري دةرووني و تةندروستيي هزري

ناوي راطرةكاني لةسةرةتاي دامةزراندييةوة تاوةكو ئيَستا ثيَك ديَت لة:

1-   مامؤستا ئةبوبةكر عوسمان محمد  

2-  مامؤستا ئةديبة ئيسماعيل محمد

3-  ث.ي.د عةتية كةريم محمد

4-  ث.ي.د ذيان سةلاح رةمزي