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Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing


Community Health Nursing is one of the departments of College of Nursing in which, it contributes understanding and orientation toward the family, community, and public health. Through this course, undergraduate nursing students can present the family and the community with responsible nursing care when the nursing process is applied and the students' role as care providers is performed.

The course is designed to be a synthesis of community-based and family-focused on the goal of promoting and preserving their health. Developing the ability to assess the community needs and problems, prevent illness, maintain wellness, and promoting health through organized health efforts. The course focuses on the study of the family, its health, and health care services as being presented to its members. The course deals with home visits and home health care as major areas of interest through which the family can benefit. Students will apply knowledge and skills to expand their understanding of caring for individuals, families, groups, and the community as a whole in a variety of community settings, such as primary health care center, school, family, the workplace, and the environment.

Academic Staff     

  1. Zhian Salah Ramzi            
  2. Shwan Asaad Qader          
  3. Omar Hussein Shareef                 
  4. Cheeman Salih Kakabra                          
  5. Sarwar Arif Star                      
  6. Livyar Latif Ahmed               
  7. Donna Louise Frtiz            
  8. Lara Rashid Darwesh        
  9. Mahdi Omer Salih              
  10. Awat Jamal Hasan             


Course Goals


At the end of this course the students will able to:


  • Define community health nursing.
  • Identify the philosophy, characteristics, scope, principles, and objectives of community health nursing.
  • Apply standards for community health nursing practice.
  • Perform the role and functions of community health nurse.
  • Understand the nursing process, epidemiological process, health education process, home visit process, and case management process.
  • Deliver community health nursing care in specialized settings, such as schools, rural, correctional, and disaster zones.
  • Manage selected community health problems. 
  • Define the family.
  • Identify types, characteristics, roles, and functions of the family.
  • Deal with issues and approaches to family health care.

      Several subjects are covered for 4th-year students in the department, including

      1. Community Health Nursing.
      2. Critical Care in Nursing.
      3. Health Promotion.
      4. Epidemiology.
      5. Clinical Pharmacology.
      6. Nursing Consolidation.