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Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing


Academic Staff:

  1. Delan Jamal Qader
  2. Hadeel Abdulelah Ibrahim
  3. Sarbaz Mustafa Abdalla
  4. Shakar Salah Rahim
  5. Kalthum Muhammed Ghareeb
  6. Sanaa Othman Karim Saeed
  7. Asya Salih Azia Mawlud
  8. Maisam HamaMurad Majeed
  9. Ismail Othman Abdulrahman Rahim
  10. Sonya Salar Muhamad
  11. Evan Qadir Salih
  12. Shakar Salah Rahim


     This course serves as a base for other nursing courses. It is designed to provide the nursing students with the basic nursing concepts and principles needed for practicing nursing. The course emphasizes on the nature of the client's needs and interventions required for utilizing the patterns of functional health. This course provides clinical guided experiences which helps the nursing student in integrating the basic nursing concepts into practice. It also enables her/him in performing the nursing activities safely.


The Vision of the Department of the Fundamentals of Nursing is to be the center of excellence in preparing basic professionally competent nurses with the capability of delivering compassionate patient care in different specialties.


The mission of the Fundamentals of Nursing Department is to prepare competent first stage nurses who are able to meet the health care needs of the society within the international standards of nursing education by providing efficient, safe and competent nursing care.



            Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

1. Recognize the principle underlying all nursing intervention procedures related to providing operative care to client in adult nursing care.

2. Apply a systematic approach of analyzing the patient's problems related pre and post-operative.

3. Utilize systematic approach of analyzing the problems.

4. Perform basic nursing skills related to various client conditions.

5. Utilize principles of medical /surgical asepsis and universal precautions in operative care.



The main subject consist of:

1.      The Profession of Nursing

2.      Communication & Interpersonal Relations in Nursing

3.      Nursing Safety

4.      Hygiene for Nurses

5.      Asepsis & Infection Control

6.      Wound care

7.      Medication Administration & Nursing

8.      Understanding the Body's Defenses in Nursing

9.      Understanding Rest & Sleep for Nurses

10.  Mobility & Immobility Issues in Nursing

11.  Understanding Pain & Pain Management for Nurses

12.  Fluid & Electrolyte Balance Concerns in Nursing

13.  Understanding Elimination in Nursing

14.  Understanding Oxygenation in Nursing

We have other supportive subjects such as:

1.      Anatomy for nurse

2.      Physiology for nurse

3.      Biochemistry

4.      English language

5.      Computer science

6.      Academic debit and

7.      Kurdology