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Maternal and Neonate Nursing

Maternal Neonate Nursing

This course is designed to assist nursing students to acquire a comprehensive knowledge & skills necessary in providing care for normal and high-risk women during preconception, prenatal, intra-natal, postnatal, and menopause periods, taking in consideration that woman is a unique individual with special needs. The course also provides knowledge and skills relative to neonates’ care. Students are trained in various settings for example, maternity hospitals, primary health care centers & family planning clinics. Furthermore, there are some other subjects which study in this course, such as (Pharmacology and Research methods).

At the end of this course the students will be able to:
• Describe the structure & function of female & the male reproductive system
• Explain the phases of the menstrual cycle
• Identify stages of embryonic & fetal development  
• Formulate nursing diagnosis related to the needs of pregnant woman & developing fetus
• Describe the nutritional needs of the pregnant woman
• Explain causes & nursing intervention for common discomforts of pregnancy
• Describe the stages and signs of labor & Distinguish between false & true labor
• Describe a pregnant physiologic & the psychological responses to labor.
 Explain Types, indications, benefits, risks, precautions & contraindications for obstetric operation (Episiotomy, forceps, C/S,  aminotomy & induction of labor)
• Identify possible complications of labor & delivery   
• Describe nursing assessment & intervention for common problems with breastfeeding
• Describe normal physical & neurological characteristics of the neonate
• Explain nursing management for immediate & daily newborn baby
• Compare & contrast the advantage & disadvantages & risk factors associated with each method of family planning     


 Academic Staff

  1. Atiya Muhammed Kareem                       [email protected]
  2. Gona Othman Fars shawaes                      [email protected]
  3. Lana Abdulhamid muhamadnuri                [email protected] 
  4. Mahabat Hassan Saeed                              [email protected]
  5. Nazera Salam Mena                          
  6. Peshwaz Abdulrahman ahmad                   [email protected]
  7. Amany Fadhil Abas                                       [email protected]