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Maternity & Child Health Nursing

Maternal Child Health Nursing Branch (MCHN)

Maternal Child Health Nursing Branch (MCHN): Is considered as one of the important branch in the college of nursing which designed to assist the Third year students to acquire the basic knowledge, concepts and understanding of the health problems associated with two main specialities (paediatric patient and maternal patient). Also it provides the opportunity to the students to deal with normal and abnormal conditions for both of mother and child.  

 Here the students will be contacted with those patients that mentioned above theoretically and practically, further more there are some other subjects which study in this course such as (pharmacology, Research methods, and Biostatistics).

 Academic Staff

Atiya Muhammed Kareem        

Bahar Nasradeen Majeed                   

Awayi Ghazy Abdulkareem              

Gona Othman Fars shawaes            

Mahabat Hassan Saeed                    

Nazera Salam Mena                          

Banu Azad Hama Ali 

Lana Abdulhamid muhamadnuri       

Peshwaz Abdulrahman ahmad         

Sarkawt Hussein Abdulla