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Adult Nursing

One of the most rewarding careers nurse can consider, Nursing offers a challenging and stimulating course. Adult nurses have a significant role in caring for people and their family within a wide range of settings. There is a great variety of careers available within adult nursing and skills learned are valued around the world.

Adult Nursing Branch is one of most important branch in School of Nursing- Faculty of Medical - University of Sulaimani, this branch deal with subjects which related to adult people.

Adult Nursing one of the essential subjects that help students to learn knowledge and skills regarding pathophysiology, clinical symptoms, diagnosis, medical and nursing management for diseases in different systems in human body.

Adult branch provide theoretical, clinical and laboratory teaching for third stage students in period of 2 semesters, this teaching is systematic and organized according to priority.

Adult Nursing Branch runs by special staff that they have sociality in this sociality with degree of master and doctorate and include: 

Academic Staff: