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Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing


The psychiatric mental health nursing department is designed to provide students with basic knowledge and understanding of mental health and mental illness and the roll of psychiatric nurse within multi-disciplinary team. The student skills in practice are developed through applying the nursing process as a framework for effective nursing interventions within holistic view of each client (physical, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, cultural, socioeconomic and environmental aspect).
Also, the department designed to introduce students to the concept of leadership and management, ethical issues, applied research project, and consoludation nursing practice to refresh and improve nursing skills related to different specialties.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Department Mission:

The department is devoted to prepare nursing students to quality oriented psychiatric mental health nursing education, provision for improving quality patients psychiatric nursing care in mental institutions, enrich research activities to provide an evidence – based grounding psychiatric mental health nursing practice, and to acquire understanding of nursing professional responsibilities and roles for contribution for the growth of nursing profession.

 Academic Staff:

  1. Taha Ahmad Faraj                                             
  2. Araz Muhamed Abdurlkarim       
  3. Trifa Murad Mohammed                   
  4. Diary Saleem Ismail Ali



Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Department vision:

The vision of the psychiatric mental health nursing department focuses on developing nursing teaching staff in equipping with competencies for meeting the students educational learning needs, to ensure that is fit for the purpose in dynamic and evolving mental health care context, and to share in the changes from institutional care to community mental health nursing approaches with special focus on rehabilitation and psychoeducation for individual, family, and society.

Staff members in the department of psychiatric mental health nursing are dedicated to quality education and clinical training for nursing students. They are engaged in teaching the following subjects:

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Ethical Issues

Leadership & Nursing Management

Consolidation Of Nursing