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Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Pediatric health nursing is one of the departments of college of nursing in Sulaimani University. In the end of this course third year students will be able to assess newborn and children physically at different ages to detect any health problem. In the course students acquire information and skills on nursing interventions to the neonates and children who experience specific health problem. The course also enables them to emphasis on preventive aspects of care to promote optimal health for children. The students will be trained in various health care settings, including general and teaching hospitals, health care centers, pediatric teaching hospital for medical and surgical, Shar hospital, (NICU) Newborn intensive care unit, (CRC), child rehabilitation center Hewa hospital for oncology cases and thalassemia center. 

Academic Staff

  1. Bahar Nasradeen Majeed                           
  2. Awayi Ghazy Abdulkareem                       
  3. Banu Azad Hama Ali                                  
  4. Sarkawt Hussein Abdulla                           
  5. Yousif Yahya Hassan
  6. Ghazy Hassan Mohammed





v Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.    Identify the basic child's needs (age related needs and concerns).

2.    Assess the child and adolescent physically.

3.    Out line the communication techniques to deal with child & adolescent.

4.    Identify the normal and high risk neonate with implement nursing care for normal and high risk neonate

5.    Utilize the nursing process to deal with child's health problems.

6.    Emphasis on preventive aspects of care to promote health for children and adolescents.

7.    Implement nursing care for children with:


a.    Respiratory diseases

b.    Gastrointestinal diseases

c.     Communicable disease

d.    Blood disorder

e.     Cardiovascular diseases

f.      Neurological diseases

g.    Genitourinary diseases

h.    Endocrine disease