A symposium was arranged for World Autism Awareness Day

posted Apr 2, 2019, 12:08 AM by Omar Hussein Shareef Salih   [ updated Apr 3, 2019, 10:54 AM ]
In the Day of Autism awareness, College of Nursing arranged a symposium with American Corner at University of Sulaimani and Sulaimani Autism Center. The symposium is started by the officials' speech, in which Assist Professor Dr. Zhyan Salah Ramzivided her speech in the opening of the symposium, then Panels were presented. 
Annually, the 2nd of April is recognized as the World Autism  Awareness Day all over the world, when the day first recognized by the World Health Organisation(WHO) as the worlds autism day for awareness of the disease resulting in growing the size the problem. 
Generally, four panels were presented by Assist Lecturer Awaee Ghazi Lecturer at College of Nursing, Dr. Fahmi Ali Aziz, Psychiatrist, Dr. Chenar Omar Ali- Pediatrician and Mr. Rahman Ali Qadir- Social worker in autistic children. 
A massive discussion was held following specialists speech, this is for recognizing and raising awareness in such academic organizations and through this to publish education and information to the general population.   

In the symposium also, several developmental toys were created as tools to assist the autistic children's' mental development, by Assist Lecturer Awaee Ghazi Abdul-kareem, College of Nursing, department of Pediatric Nursing.