Cancer Awareness Symposium in College of Nursing

posted Feb 6, 2019, 12:51 AM by Omar Hussein Shareef Salih   [ updated Feb 6, 2019, 1:06 AM ]
College of Nursing arranged a symposium for cancer awareness under the supervision of Assist professor Dr. Zhyan Salah Ramzi, the dean of the college. In the symposium, professionals form HEWA hospital were invited to provide the newly registered data about cancer in the city. Moreover, they give instructions to raise awareness and consciousness about cancer disease. Lecturers in the college of nursing presented two topics including cancer incidence in children and the effect of social media on cancer awareness in the community. Finally, a seminar was presented by a group of students in the community health branch in the college.
1. Dlnia Omar Ali, HIWA hospital, bonemarrow transplantation center.
2. Awaee Abdulkarim Khazi, Assist Lecturere, College of Nursing.
3. Esmaeel Osman Mohammed, MSc in Social Medi and communication.
4. Mabast Umed Hidayat, the college student, Community Health group.
5. Hevi Ali Mohammed, 
6. Chopy Muhammed Zorab, the college student, Community Health group.
7. Aveen Faruq hamaxan,
8. Hawnaz Khalid Hussein, the college student, Community Health group.
9. Asia Mohammed Ali,
10. Vanya Hassan Abubakir, the college student, Community Health group.