Conference on Displacement and Migration

posted Feb 26, 2018, 4:55 AM by Omar Hussein Shareef Salih   [ updated Feb 26, 2018, 6:28 AM ]

College of Nursing Participated in The Second International Conference on Displacement and Migration 

A study by Assist Lecturer Omar Hussein Shareef has been accepted by the scientific higher committee in The Second International Conference on Displacement and Migration. The conference conducted in the University of KUFAH in ( Najaf city ) in 24 and 25 of February 2018. In the conference, more than seven countries including, The United State of America, Iran, Bangladesh, Egypt, The United Kingdom, Italy and Kurdistan were attended. In addition to the several international organisations such as International Organisation for Migration (IOM), United Nation High Commissioner for refugee (UNHCR). The panels in the conference were designed to be held in two days with presenting different subjects in relation to displacement and migration. For that reason, more than 40 studies have been accepted in a strict competition. The study under affiliation University of Sulaimani - College of Nursing was one among them.  

College of Nursing - University of Sulaimani was among universities and colleges who participated in the Second International Conference on Displacement and Migration, in which Assesst Lecturer Omar Shareef presented a study about Prevalence of  Behavioral Risks for Heart Disease in Sulaimani City. The study  discussed by the conference committee and participants.

In the conference also, several meetings and scientific discussions were held. University of Sulaimani was one of the universities those involved in the conference, by which cooperation and co-relation can be established with all the attended universities.