Community Health Nursing

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Community Health Nursing is one of the departments of the College of Nursing, which contributes to understanding and orientation toward family, community, and public health. It was established in 2004–2005. The course is designed to be a synthesis of community-based and family-focused approaches with the goal of promoting and preserving their health. Developing the ability to assess the community’s needs and problems, prevent illness, maintain wellness, and promote health through organized health efforts. The course focuses on the study of the family, its health, and the health care services presented to its members. The course deals with family visits and home health care as major areas of interest through which the family can benefit. Students will apply knowledge and skills to expand their understanding of caring for individuals, families, groups, and the community as a whole in a variety of community settings, such as primary healthcare centers, schools, families, workplaces, and the environment.

Department Vision:

Collaboration for empowerment of community health nurses, continued education, and professional development of community health nurses to expand the scope of community health nursing practice in Kurdistan Region-Iraq

Department Mission:

The primary mission of community health nursing is to improve the overall health of the population through health promotion, illness prevention, and the protection of the public from a wide variety of biological, behavioral, social, and environmental threats.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Define community health nursing.
  • Define the family.
  • Identify the philosophy, characteristics, scope, principles, and objectives of community health nursing.
  • Apply standards for community health nursing practice.
  • Perform the role and functions of a community health nurse.
  • Understand the nursing process, the epidemiological process, the health education process, the home visit process, and the case management process.
  • Deliver community health nursing care in specialized settings, such as schools, working places, rural areas, correctional facilities, and disaster zones.
  • Manage selected community health problems.
  • Identify the types, characteristics, roles, and functions of the family.
  • Deal with issues and approaches to family health care.
  • Deal with and manage clients in critical health situations.
  • identify the unique health needs of older adults, strategies related to assessment and prevention in older adults.
  • Define epidemiology and related concepts and apply epidemiological models using natural health conditions for community health benefits.
  • Apply epidemiological studies for the purpose of designing, evaluating, and providing health care services.
  • Demonstrate competency in basic skills used in critical care and emergencies, perform a basic head-to-toe assessment for each client cared for, and identify and prioritize problems.

Study Methods:

The Community Health Nursing Department follows the semester-study system. The method of study depends on lectures, field trips, and their assessments, reports, and assignments. The assessment is achieved via two mid-term exams, quizzes, reports, assignments based on critical thinking, and final exams.


The English language is mainly used for the teaching process in the department.



  1. Community Health Nursing:
    • Theory (4 hours).
    • Field trip (6 hours).
    • Project (1 hour).
  2. Critical Care Nursing:
    • Theory (3 hours).
    • Clinic (6 hours).
    • Lab (1 hour).
  3. Epidemiology:
    • Theory (2 hours).
    • Project (1 hour).
  4. Geriatric Care Nursing:
    • Theory (2 hours).
    • Project (1 hour).
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